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RTDNA News Releases

June 7, 2014
National & Network Awards Presented

April 12, 2014
RTDNA Canada announces Prairie Regional Award Recipients

April 12, 2014
RTDNA Canada announces Atlantic Region Award Recipients

April 5, 2014
RTDNA Canada announces Central Regional Award Recipienst

April 5, 2014
RTDNA Canada announces BC Region Award Recipients

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Welcome to RTDNA Canada, the Association of Electronic Journalists. We are extremely proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary and at our recent National Conference in Toronto we honoured all those who have made such a great contribution to the success of our organization. We are truly a national organization committed to excellence in journalism in Canada.

Since 1962, RTDNA Canada has been helping the broadcast industry through;

More recently, RTDNA Canada has added;

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The information age has morphed into the instant age -- citizen reporters, social media, bloggers -- each opens the access windows and challenges traditional radio and television newsrooms to keep up.

RTDNA is made up of traditional media members including news directors, reporters, and producers but also educators, students, social media and even non-media industry leaders. This diversity in membership will ensure RTDNA remains a force in the broadcasting and digital worlds.

The new media and social media have taken information gathering in thrilling new directions and at warp speed. Together with the history, knowledge and structure of the traditional media, our industry is keeping Canadians informed better than ever.

RTDNA is committed to the past while leaping into the future. If you want to be part of keeping journalism strong in Canada, I welcome you to join RTDNA Canada today. Work has begun on continuing the legacy of our first fifty years and I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback. I can be reached at president@rtdnacanada.com

Ian Koenigsfest
RTDNA Canada